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Joser Gloria

Gloria was born 11/23/2021 and is TICA registered and a beautiful Blue Mink with blue eyes Sphynx with amazing wrinkles and head type. Gloria has great structure. We are expecting great things from her here in the future at Shelli Sphynx! Gloria will be having Sphynx and Bambino kittens June 2023.

Shelli Sphynx Cali

Cali was born 06/24/2021 and is a beautiful Chocolate Tortoiseshell with Green Eyes. She is TICA registered. 

Shelli Sphynx Sky

Sky was born 06/24/2021 and is a F2 Elf. She is a Calico with gold eyes. She will produce Sphynx, Elf, and coated Sphynx, coated Elf in 2023. Sky is TICA registered.

Shelli Sphynx


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