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Shelli Sphynx

This said kitten is being SOLD as: PET      BREED: Sphynx  or  Bambino

COLOR: ______________ SEX: ___________ D.O.B.__________ DEPOSIT: _______

SELL PRICE: ___________

Kittens’ health is guaranteed for a period of 24 hours, unless it Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. No exchanges will be considered unless return of kitten is accompanied by a WRITTEN statement from a licensed Veterinarian stating that something is medically wrong the kitten DURING THIS TIME PERIOD. NO OTHER GUARANTEE AGAINST ANY TYPE OF PARASITES, INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL, as all animals get these. Guarantee is limited to exchange only, NO CASH REFUNDS (NO EXCEPTIONS). If a comparable kitten is not available, then one will be replaced with the next litter. Purchaser has 72 hours from time of receipt of said KITTEN. All Veterinarian bills are sole responsibility of buyer. ________________ {initial} Our kittens come to you from HCM free lines FIP, Felv/FIV negative, up to date on all vaccines, health records, Veterinarian health certificate. One (1) year genetic health guarantee on genetic illness and Three (3) year HCM guarantee. Shelli Sphynx is an HCM negative free Cattery and TICA registered.

Kittens will include all Age-Appropriate Vaccines, Spay / Neuter, Pre-op Bloodwork / CBC, Microchip, Fecal test including Giardia, deworming, if necessary, 1-year Genetic Health Guarantee, 3-year HCM Guarantee and a lifetime of support. Please continue to get all vaccines as your new kitten must have yearly. FIP IS NOT COVERED NOR IS IT A GENETIC DISEASE. A detailed necropsy from a licensed Veterinarian as proof of death from a defect will be required to be provided by the Purchaser to Seller.

HCM scan guarantee is good for Three (3) year on your kitten from the date of birth. Kitten must be HCM scanned at One (1) year and 6 months (1.5 years) for guarantee to be in effect. Copy of HCM scan must be mailed to Shelli Sphynx LLC yearly or guarantee will be voided.

The Seller (Shelli Sphynx, LLC.) will have completed all the age-appropriate vaccinations, worming {ONLY IF NEEDED, SPHYNX BREEDS TEND TO NOT HAVE WORMS AND USING WORMER CAN BE HARMFUL OR KILL YOUR KITTEN}. If the Purchaser chooses to vaccinate for Feline infectious peritonitis {FIP}, ringworm, feline leukemia virus {FeLV} or Feline Immunodeficiency {FIV}, the warranty is null and Void. Also, Seller {Shelli Sphynx, LLC} does not warranty the kitten against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations.

Kittens cannot digest milk unless it is their mothers. Giving kittens milk will make them extremely sick and can kill them. SO, PLEASE NO MILK! We feed our babies and mommas Victor High Protein Active cat & kitten {}. Please continue to feed this food until your kitten is at least 1 year old. When changing your kitten food (AS WE DO NOT ADVICE) do so gradually so there will be less chances of upset stomach. We do not offer canned cat food as Sphynx have been known to have sensitive systems and will get diarrhea.

Purchaser agrees to keep kitten in quarantined for 14 days from other cats/ kittens / animals of any kind!! If kitten is not kept quarantined, warranty is VOID.


Purchaser agrees to not declaw. To declaw the kitten, the first {1st} digit of the toe is removed and is extremely painful. In humans, it has been compared to the removal of the finger at the first {1st} joint. Declawing may cause improper potty behavior {refusal to use litterbox} due to the possible permanent nerve damage in the paws. This is due to the kitten associating using the litterbox with pain from the hard litter, so the kitten looks for alternate, softer places to potty.

Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in Trumbull County, Ohio, USA {Purchaser} shall be liable for any court costs and related charges including attorney fees associated with the Seller enforcing the terms of this contract. Failure to honor any part of this contract shall result in the penalty of $2,500.00 payable to the Seller of the kitten. In signing this document, Purchaser acknowledges that He/ She has read ALL terms and conditions stated above. The laws of the State of Ohio shall be controlling.

Said Kitten will be altered at the Sellers’ expense at 2 pound or 16 weeks of age prior to leaving my home at 16 weeks to 20 weeks of age.


SELLER SIGNATURE: ___________________________________

DATE: ______________________________________________

PURCHASER SIGNATURE: _______________________________

DATE: ______________________________________________

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