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                                                            HOME OF THE BULLY CAT 

                                  !! I DON"T SALE BREEDERS PERIOD SO DON'T ASK!!

                                                    Shellisphynx does have a waiting list. 

                 Please contact us on our waiting list length. Length of waiting list depends on what type of Sphynx breed you are looking for. As we have Sphynx, Elf, Bambino and Dwelf Kittens. If you are allergic to dander, these are the cats for you!! If you are allergic to a cat, saliva then you are allergic to all cats even hairless breeds so please don't be fooled by anyone into think you won't be allergic. As no animal is truly hypoallergenic. Deposits are Non-Refundable, but transferable. Our kittens and cats are best described as Cat, Dog, Monkey, Clown and 2-year-old in one body for their entire lives. Our Sphynx and Sphynx breeds are raised in our home free roaming as part of our family with our French Mastiff, adult kids and grandchildren. They are all raised with love and care 24/7.  Quality over quantity. We specialize in Sphynx & Sphynx breeds. From time to time, we have coated Sphynx & Sphynx breeds available with the same great personalities, but they have fur and cost less. All kittens come with all age-appropriate vaccines, rabies, microchip, spay or neuter, One {1} year genetic health guarantee and Three {3} year HCM guarantee.


                                   Please read our contract before contacting us.

     IF YOU HAVE NOT OKAYED A NEW KITTEN WITH YOUR SPOUSE/ OTHER HALF DO NOT CONTACT ME UNTIL YOU HAVE OKAYED IT!! My time is important to me. Don't waste mine as I would not waste yours!! 


                         KITTENS ARE RAISED in our HOME as part of our family.                           KITTENS will not leave our home until they are 16 weeks of age after       spay/neuter and 4 kitten vaccines.   

                                                 Multiple Kitten Discount.  

                             ! NO BREEDERS TO BE PLACED NO EXCEPTIONS!  

                            ! THIS MEANS I DON'T SALE BREEDERS TO ANYONE! 


Sphynx and Elf Kitten
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